District Leadership Team Participates in Poverty Simulation


The District Leadership Team participated in a poverty simulation facilitated and presented by The Herlihy Group affiliated with the University of Cumberlands. Participants had the opportunity to participate in a three hour simulation while living a month in the life of a family member who lives in poverty. Each family member had to seek assistance from a variety of human resources and services to provide for their family's basic needs during the course of four "15 minute weeks". The purpose of the simulation was to assist stakeholders in having a better understanding of the challenges that students and families, who live in our communities, face everyday. The experience is designed to sensitize participants to the day-to-day realities of life faced by families with low incomes and to also motivate individuals to become more involved in activities and education to help reduce poverty in our country.

Summer Construction Work at ACOVSD


Several improvements are being made to the facilities and grounds of the the Adams County Ohio Valley School District over summer break. One of the bigger projects underway is the repair and improvement of the sanitary sewer pipelines that serve all of the buildings on the West Union Campus. A civil engineering report earlier this year identified several key sections of pipeline, some which are over 30 years old, that are in need or replacement.

The school district has contracted with local contractor Unger Construction for the repairs. Unger Construction will also be correcting many storm water drainage issues while on site. Most of these storm water issues have been present for a number of years and have caused there to be a significant amount of standing water after large storms and have caused erosion issues as well. We are engaging in construction projects at North Adams, Peebles, and West Union High School main offices that will improve building security by modifying the entrance lobby to the school. When completed, visitors to the high schools will enter a reception area and sign-in prior to being able to access the rest of the building.

Other projects happening this summer include the resealing and restriping of the parking lots at North Adams, Peebles, and West Union elementary schools, installing drop-ceilings and improving lighting and heating and cooling at the Oliver school building, and replacement of some key pieces of HVAC equipment at North Adams High School.